A is for Activist

As a parent, I’ve had a very hard time finding progressive children’s books for my toddler. Innosanto Nagara felt the same way, so he and the Design Action Collective decided to do something about it. They are designing a picture book for radical tots — a full-fledged, pro-social and environmental justice ABC book. I've backed this on Kickstarter and you should too!

A is for Activist

Update: September 13, 2012. The book is funded and in production! You can order it now at

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Social Design in frieze

The international art magazine frieze put social design on the cover of this month’s edition. The cover story is a roundtable discussion I participated in about design and social responsibility. It’s a fairly critical look, touching on ethics, design education, and public policy. Issue #138 is on the stands now, or you can read the discussion online here.

Frieze Magazine, Design Matters

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Decision Points

Decisions, decisions. True Crime or Science Fiction & Fantasy? Marketing & Advertising?

Where would you shelve George W. Bush’s memoir?

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Brief Messages. In the West, the history of publishing often starts with the printed book. But before the book, short-form ephemera ruled: “The habit of spending money to read something a printer had decided to publish was an alien one.… What made print viable, Pettegree found, was not the earth-shaking impact of mighty tomes, but the rustle of countless little pages: almanacs, calendars, municipal announcements. Indulgence certificates, the documents showing that sinners had paid the Catholic church for reduced time in purgatory, were especially popular. These ephemeral jobs were what made printing a viable business through the long decades while book publishers — and the public — struggled to find what else this new technology might be good for.”
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Peace Posters. Helicopter Breakdown Press has just published The Peace Posters, a 32-page broadsheet newspaper which unfolds to 30 posters — and is available for free. To obtain copies for bedroom walls, workplaces, street poles, community notice boards, shopfronts and schools, email [email protected] with your postal address and how many copies you wish to receive. The collection also includes one of my posters.
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