We are the 99 percent. I've been thinking about poster designs and what imagery I can contribute to #occupywallstreet, but these hundreds of self-portraits of people telling their own stories of debt, sickness, unemployment, and eviction are far more powerful than anything I've come up with.
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"Real Names" Policies Are an Abuse of Power. “The people who most heavily rely on pseudonyms in online spaces are those who are most marginalized by systems of power. ‘Real names’ policies aren’t empowering; they’re an authoritarian assertion of power over vulnerable people. These ideas and issues aren’t new… but what is new is that marginalized people are banding together and speaking out loudly. And thank goodness.”
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iresign.org.uk. A resignation letter generator for News International employees composed of automatically rearranged snippets of actual phone hacking resignation statements. Nicely done.
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Followers and Leaders

Twitter Truck

Conversation this weekend about food trucks in New York City working to update 30-year-old laws governing street vending: though Twitter is touted as a way for fans to locate your wandering concession, it turns out that having a large number of Twitter followers doesn’t necessarily lead to more business. But it does get you a meeting at City Hall — Council members want their names Tweeted favorably to all those virtual constituents!

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The Earth Needs a Hug. Embrace the Earth Tomás wrote in about an Earth Day campaign he worked on for Cascos Verdes in Argentina. Upload a picture of yourself through this Facebook app to join a massive, virtual group hug!
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Interactive timeline of Middle East protests. The Guardian does an admirable job visually indexing their coverage of rebellions, resistance, and revolution across 17 countries and territories. It’s a funny point of view, driving into the future as it happens.
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26 Well Designed Websites that Help Haiti. Maps and large photos of suffering children are a frequent motif, but the sites do present a modest range of development approaches. I’m also interested in what’s happening at CrisisCommons, rapidly developing open source community technology projects for humanitarian relief.

Update 3/21/2010: the open source project Ushahidi has had some good press lately about its role in the Hatian and Chilean earthquake relief efforts, mapping the crisis and response with text-messages.
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Grazie Amici


After six years of publication, SocialDesignZine is shutting down. The blog on social design was set up inspire and provoke a discussion among Italian designer and beyond.

The founders maintained an aggressive publication schedule (nearly daily!), hosted offline typographic tours, published two beautiful books of selected posts and comments, an exhibition, and a publication on civic branding and design culminating in the Più Design Può conference in May 2009. Unfortunately, though the SDZ site receives a good amount of traffic, an active community of commenters never really materialized and the daily maintenance had become increasingly difficult to sustain. Still, it’s a high note to end on.

I had the great pleasure of meeting the site’s publishers Gianni Sinni and Andrea Rauch at the conference in Florence and was impressed with the depth of their politics and the ease at which they integrated their civic commitment with their studio practice. Now that they are free of the daily publication schedule, I look forward to seeing what new endeavors they develop. Grazie a Andrea e Gianni.

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50 Serious Games for Social Change. lu.pngComputer games designed to teach about social issues like public health, the environment, human rights and poverty. A very mixed bag here, but an interesting, emerging space to watch. (via)
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Publishers with a Purpose. “A group of online publishers who have pledged 5% of their total ad inventory to selected nonprofits and social causes, with the shared goal of making a difference in our neighborhoods and around the world by grouping together.” Some big, independent blog networks are doing this.
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