Frequently Asked Questions

The hover text shows up double-spaced on the map, but is only single spaced in my data file.

It sounds like your text editor saved the file with DOS linebreaks. Try saving it again as a unicode encoded file with Unix linebreaks. You might need a more flexible text editor to do this. If you don’t already have one and you use a PC, I recommend TextPad or UltraEdit. If you’re on a Mac, I use TextMate and BBEdit.

Can I trigger a javascript call when I click on a state?

Yes, just prefix your command with "javascript:" in the field of the data file. For instance:

<state id="CH">

Do you have a world map with U.S. state borders?


Why do your maps look distorted?

All of the maps use an equidistant cylindrical projection. Countries further away from the border do appear vertically compressed. I’ve looked into using different map projections, but for now what’s on the site is what I have available.

Can you help me set up a map on my web site?

I have tried to make the map easy to use and configure. The download files include lots of sample data files. Unfortunately, I am not available for free technical support over email. Your best bet is to find a web saavy friend who can sit with you and work it out. You don’t need to know Flash to use the map, but there is a little bit of HTML editing involved.

Why does your map work in browser x, but not in browser y?

The map does work in both of those browsers. Make sure the pathnames you use to point to the SWF and data file should be the same in both the embed and param tags. Some browsers read the embed tags, other browsers read the param tags.

Does the license include access to the FLA file? I’m working on a project and need to change some things on the map. Can I have the source code?

The $20 commercial license permits use of the SWF file on a commercial web site. The source code license includes the FLA and is available for $200.

Why don’t your country codes match my country codes?

When I first built the map, FIPS codes seemed appropriate. I’m considering moving to two-letter ISO country codes, but don’t want to break the backwards compatibility.

It looks like you have not released an update in a long time. Are you still working on the map?

I’m still developing the map, though I consider the current version stable and relatively feature complete. I do have a long list of ideas and other maps, though am currently updating the map to ActionScript 3.