User Gallery

Below are just a few examples of user-created maps around the Web.

Listed companies by country and region.

Adelski Machines Worldwide

Bornay Distributors
Styling world map of vendors for this windturbine manufacturer.

UX Alliance
International network of local user experience and user research.

Trekkingbike Tours Europe and Worldwide and African Bikers
Trekking and mountain bike trips in exciting scenic areas around the world.

EClinicMD Medical Consultations
US map of physicians in the EclinicMD network.

Geneaology Bank - Search Historical Newspapers
A beautiful use of the US map as a supplementary icon to the primary query form.

Fractal Design: Where to Buy
Stylish implementation of the world map hilighting European countries. With nice DHTML integration.

SITEOPS Certified Providers
A US map of CAD providers.
World map where children are coached by Playball, Playgolf and Swimrite franchises.

Worldata International
Map of key contacts for this international direct marketing firm.

GermanBread provides information on bakeries producing and selling German bread outside of Germany.

Survey Logistics
A web-based survey application using the world map to show the recent survey takers. (Free registration required.)
Search for holiday property listings via the world map.

Shared Earth
A world map of producers of fair trade products.

Advancement Partners, Inc. Case Studies
A US map listing clients by state

Fuji Electric Distributors
Map at

Resort Parks International
U.S. resorts, public and private RV campgrounds.

U.S. Cultural and Heritage Tourism
“A travel trade association dedicated to marketing and promoting U.S. Cultural & Heritage Tourism to and within the USA.”

World Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
A map of countries with regular and trial broadcast services.
German travel site.
A directory of grinding machinists in the U.S. and Canada, with nice AJAX interaction.
A Greek travel agency.

L'Atlas des Livres
French travel guide website.

Finnish travel site.

Airlines Expert
A global search engine for airline carriers.

Arizona Trailer Mfg. Dealers
A map of dealers with nice flag icons.
A map of independent eateries in the U.S.

Genesis Technology, Inc.
A map of vendor locations.

World of Good Fair Trade Gifts
Find World of Good products from your favorite country.

Vertex Engineering
Offices worldwide.

Haliplex GoldLeaf Alliance
A beautiful monochrome world map of manufacturers, partners, and distributors.

Westbrook Technolgies United States Partner Locator
A map linking to state-by-state contact forms.

Analytic Focus LLC
A map of clients around the U.S.

Swissinno Solutions
Displaying international contact information.

Site Stats
Hosted website traffic analysis using the map to display recent traffic geographically.

TM4B Bulk SMS Gateway
Displaying SMS rates to countries around the world.
Combining DIY Map with AJAX to sell advertising.

Beglec Distributors
For professional sound and light equipment.

Gypsum Management & Supply
Map of distribution centers by state, with links to local Google maps.

Punkster Baby Shirts
Where to find them in U.S. stores.

The Coding Machine
A map of freelancers accessible through this international network of programmers.

Map of customers
From tech consultant PL/PDF

Branch Locator
From Mason McDuffie Mortgage

Traqmate System
Share your GPS track mapping

Lansinoh Retailers
Where to purchase the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump in the U.S.

Swivel Secure
Map of partner organizations around the world.

Aesop Stockists
Click on ‘Other Stockists’ on the right for an elegant map of Aesop beuty product suppliers.

Job Trends Per Capita
A dynamically driven map on showing jobs in the 50 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States.

Trampaboards Worldwide Ride Guide
Locations for All Terrain Boarding across the globe, on behalf of Trampa UK.

Hot Spur Music
Click on ‘Radio’ for a list of request lines by state.

Countries serviced by their Global800 (G800) conference call service.

Hopkins Appraisal Services
A map of regional offices around the U.S.

MLS Systems Customers Worldwide

Biomedical Informatcs Jobs in the US

Where in the World is...
On the travel site

Non-Profit and Activist

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

Interface to wiki pages on gender equality around the world.

Interface to wiki pages on progress and development indicators beyond GDP.

NGO database
Offering insight into aid expenditures of Dutch non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in developing countries.

The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth
US state distribution of 2,570 juvenile offenders serving life without parole.

Global Ocean Observing System Regional Alliances

Aussie Rules International
To promote and develop the sport of Australian Football internationally.

Campus Antiwar Network
A map of campus groups around the U.S.

TEAR Australia - Transformation, Empowerment, Advocacy, Relief
Help us turn the map green by changing replacing standard incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent.

Ashoka Regional Pages Social entrepreneur programs around the world. The regional sub-pages also display their own maps.

Happy Planet Index
An index of human well-being and environmental impact, published by the New Economics Foundation and Friends of the Earth.

Locations of Low Income Multifamily Housing Projects
In the portfolio of a non-profit company specializing in affordable housing

Clean Development Mechanism Project Locations
From the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The Economy in a Can

Thousand Points of Light
Regions where mass detentions were carried out after 9/11. From

Community Internet Across America
Organized by Network Status. Mapped by Free Press.

Iraq Casualties by State

A Threat to Peace, Interactive
Based on the poster produced by the NYC Independent Media Center, a map of the military-industrial complex in the U.S. A good showcase of DIY Map custom icon ability.

Tall Clubs around the World
They’re tall. And organized.

American Indian Radio on Satellite
A map of stations in the U.S.

U.S. Meetups, March 18-20, 2005
Locations of events against the war.

Street Yoga - Yoga for At Risk Youth
In the U.S. and Canada

Attitudes Toward Jews in 12 European Countries
Results of a 2005 Anti-Defamation League survey mapped by Philip Dhingra.

Central States Assocation
A simple U.S. map of states in this voluntary association of workers’ compensation agencies


World Traveling Costs
World travelling costs map showing the size of budget required to visit each country.

Creative Commons Monitor
World map of Creative Commons global adoption.

Anti-bribery Convention Progress Report and Global Corruption Barometer 2009
From Transparency International

Do I need a Canadian visa?
Find out which nationalities need visas to enter Canada. Compiled by Canwest News Service.

International Association for the Study of Pain
Chapters around the world.

RFID Deployments Worldwide
Map of stories from RFID Journal.
World map of Norwegian health services.

Musicians in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra
An international map on the website of the documentary film.

Aussie Rules UK
A UK map of where to find Aussie Rules, a combination of football, rugby and basketball.

Greek Intervarsity Staff
Offices of this non-denominational Christian college ministry around the US.

Harvard University Alumni Organization
A world map of travel opportunities.

Harvard University Alumni Organization
A world map of travel opportunities.

Photoburst World Map
Interactive interface to the days most stunning images.\

SNHC by EPMC Network Map
Map of organization receiving technical assistance, intensive capacity building, or training services to build supporting networks of HIV care by enhancing primary medical care

Online community using DIY Map to plot their members and social values.

A German world atlas online.

Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive PostGlobal
Index to posts on global issues.

Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries
Part of the Dutch Ministry of Exterior.

Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries
Part of the Dutch Ministry of Exterior.

Media That Matters Film Festival
Map of screenings

World Archaeology Projects
Opportunities for students, amateurs, and professionals from Past Horizons

Radio Paradise Web Visitors
Mapped with

Game Map
For the online roleplaying game New Kingdoms

Pisteguru Resorts
A non-commercial, open source travel guide for skiers and boarders.
Listen to podcasts of independent bands around the U.S.

A wiki about food from around the world.

Notes on meteorite collection around the world.

Streamling loud underground metal music from around the world.

Sudeep’s Paper Napkin Collection
From around the world!

USA Pictures
Photos from around the USA.

Google Earth 3D Airspace
Lloyd Bailey uses DIY Map as an interface to Google Earth downloads.

Chocolate Fish Photos
Travel and artistic photography by Oliver Ross
Run a query against the U.S. phone book and map the results.

The Halloween Display Finder

Photos around Europe by Matej Belcic

Around the World in One Camera
Photos by Wojtek Gil

Support My Wedding
Sandra and Menno map their donations from around the world.

Picture The City
Urban and architectural photography by Brendan Lee.

Beyond the Beaten Path, Asia 2005
A personal travelogue.

Band II FM DX Transmitter Map

Japan Blogger’s Map
On the Penguinwired blog.
Ken’s trip around the world.

Ian and Wendy’s Trips
Mapping where they’ve been, with personal photos.

A blog search engine by location.

Academic & Educational

Exploring Educational Excellence
Information sessions for students and their families on a few universities around the US.

The Common Language Project
A nonprofit multimedia production house that reports news from around the world about the people affected by key social justice issues, with a specific focus on stigmatized regions and peoples underrepresented in the traditional media. The world map shows stories by location.

World map of projects by the International Studies Program of Georgia State University

Alumni Updates
From the University of Washington Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

Karten zur Landwirtschaft in Deutschland
A series of maps displaying data on German agriculture.

SNPforID browser
World map interface to Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms╩datasets.

The Monroe Institute
A list of international outreach facilitators.

The United Nations Association of Norway uses DIY Map on their educational Web site Globalis for mapping:
- Countries in NATO
- Population statistics
- Global conflicts

Mapping a theory of the Second Cold War
In English and in Hebrew

Continuing Legal Education Requirements for Attorneys
A map of U.S. states. Beautiful use of the map with AJAX.

Pearson College
Scroll to the bottom for a map of students’ home countries.

International Students studying at Technische Universität Darmstadt
A map of countries of origin.

World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue
Zoom in to see the lightly colored dots.

If you are using DIY Map on your Web site, do .