Retired NYPD officer accused of stealing bees finds 70,000 bees in his bedroom wall.
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Real Men Pack Glue Guns

Thank you @JLeoNYC
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New York City public schools to offer free tampons to students
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So You Want to Organize a Very Large Protest March

So you want to organize a very large protest march? There's no one better to ask than Leslie Cagan. Leslie has helped organize some of the biggest marches in recent history. To name just a few:

I interviewed Leslie in November 2015. Both Leslie and I have lightly edited the text below for clarity.

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How the NYPD Abused Citizens in the Name of Data, and How One Cop Exposed It

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Seen in the subway: this lovely know-your-rights poster for rent-stabilized tenants by the Center for Urban Pedagogy, CAAAV and IntraCollaborative
Rent-Stabilized Tenants Have Rights
More info here →
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More people visit NYC libraries than pro sports games, museums, gardens, zoo, and live arts … combined.
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1 out of every 5 homicides in NYC in 2013 was domestic violence related. — New York City Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee. HT @Nisha_Varia
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The arts community is missing a great chance to push ballet initiatives today in NYC. #NYC2013
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Corollary to Godwin's Law: any conversation among more than four New Yorkers, meeting for the first time, eventually turns to the G train.
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