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Politicians, personalities refer to chart…
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Call for critical #infographics on neoliberal policy and the urban #geography of capital, materials, and migration:
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@datakind: "Google Fusion Tables is great for #dataviz, but any data you post is publicly accessible. Practice safe stats!" #changebydesign
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@rstnrstn: "The felt board is the center of the Affordable Housing kit. You don't need a big budget for great #dataviz." #changebydesign
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@blprnt: OOH / AAH design principle: graphics should dazzle and entertain as well as enlighten. #changebydesign
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@amandacox: data visualization is a great tool for telling stories about scale, context, and patterns. #changebydesign
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RT @GuardianData: Winners of the inaugural Data Journalism Awards announced
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Income inequality, as seen from space. Satellite Trees Follow the green for some real world data visualization: satellite photos of urban trees reveal the geography of income inequality.

One could test the thesis in NYC with the OASIS data.
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The Data Driven Journalism Handbook. data-driven-journalism-handbook.jpgData, storytelling, news apps, visualization, tools, and resources — The Data Driven Journalism Handbook is a great resource for NGOs, too. A nice complement to Visualizing Information for Advocacy.
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Making Policy, Public

There are two places where plastic goes in New Jersey.

Damon Rich takes it to the bottom line and helps launch Newark's recycling campaign at City Hall in style with a lovely infographic poster "Where Newark's Garbage Goes."

Below, Mayor Cory Booker with the chart in action.



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