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How prosecutors persuade and mislead with PowerPoint — and PowerPoint so awful it backfires:

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Protests in 2014

A week ago I tweeted a link to a stunning collection of dramatic photos from protests around the world in 2014. It was an amazing year: Ayotzinapa, Bangkok, Catalonia, Euromaidan, Ferguson, Hong Kong, Taksim…

But it bugged me that such a list omits the many protests in 2014 that were less spectacular or photogenic, but just as vital to the participants.

So for your consideration, a heatmap of protests across the world in 2014:

Protest in 2014

I drew the data from the GDELT project, which monitors media around the world and logs people, places, organizations, and events into an open database. Doubtless, many actions did not receive the media hit necessary to make it into the dataset, but the map gives a better sense of the breadth of activity this year.

2015 should be interesting.

Happy new year!

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A Brief History of the Umbrella Movement

There have been some fantastic graphics coming out of Occupy Central in Hong Kong, but this brief chronology of the Umbrella Movement in comics is one of my favorites thus far. It was drawn by Dolly for Passion Teens Weekly.

Occupy Central Timeline
Occupy Central Timeline
Occupy Central Timeline

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Promising exploration of design patterns for interactive data visualization on mobile devices.
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Epic collection of 208 visualization tools and 100s of resources and books curated by @visualisingdata
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RT @spaceforpeace: stunning graphic of just how high murders of human rights defenders have jumped in Colombia as try to get land back

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“The cake map showed wastewater plants in M&Ms & why the sludge barge is needed. Then they ate the cake. It was delicious.”
Counter Cartographies with Lize Mogel
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Life under Thatcher: Unemployment v Champagne Shipment to UK


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RT @stevelambert: Change doesn't start with action, it starts with vision. Artists are great at creating visions.
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#infographic: over 900 Americanskilled by guns in the 31 days since the Newton School shooting.
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