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RT @nybooks: The US ranks 48th in infant mortality among all nations; in 1960, it was 12th.
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Follow the Money

The tents have been cleared from the park, but the currency of ideas still circulate. Occupy George is a lovely Occupy Wall Street intervention that visually describes disparities in U.S. wealth on a bit of the wealth itself. It’s infographics in your pocket!




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Political Graffiti

All graffiti have their politics but some more explicitly call for public policy change. Here are a few interesting pieces I’ve run into in the last week. An effective mix of surprise and cheek.

Troy Davis

A portrait of Troy Davis wheatpasted to the sides of a fence in London for Amnesty International UK, protesting his then pending execution in Georgia. More »

Dam Scissors

Residents, environmentalists and officials want to tear down an obsolete dam near Ojai. After years of protest, a band of artists used creative tactics to call attention to the issue. The image appeared on the front page of the local paper the same day environmentalists, county officials, and the Army Corps of Engineers met to discuss the dam. More »

Not One Dollar in Taxes

A nice bit of information design. (Via)

Class War, Illustrated. Infographic sizing up tax breaks to the wealthy vs. budget cuts to social safety net programs. (tx)
Taxes vs Budget Cuts
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Way of the Gun. A quick state-level map and statistical analysis on gun violence in the US reveals some interesting correlations:

Gun Violence

I’d love to see if a finer-grained city or census tract correlation bear out these findings, as well as other factors like, say, the scale of gun ownership.
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Food Pyramids


I missed this when it first hit the web, but wow, that’s a striking presentation.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine published this graphic during the 2007 debate on the US Farm Bill.

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BP Oil Poster

There are plenty of structural issues around the crisis in the Gulf, but this one was on my mind tonight. PDF version here.

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Memorial Day



While there may not be so many “unknown soldiersany more, it seems like there are more and more forgotten ones in our midst.

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Job Loss to Recovery. The Obama administration has posted an infographic to bolster claims that a year after its signing, the Recovery Act is working wonders. I get the point, but the y-axis label is confusing: wouldn’t negative job loss be the same as job creation? Regardless, I had a different picture of the recovery.
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Tracking the Recovery

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