Change Observer. The Rockefeller Foundation has granted $1.5 million to the Winterhouse Institute to fund a two year project to promote “collective action and collaboration for social impact across the design industry — and encompassing a range of other institutions that work on the needs of poor or vulnerable people.” Projects include a conference, website, and matching designers with foundations and NGOs. Two veteran design journalists have been recruited thus far. Last year, Rockefeller hired the design company IDEO to draft a workbook and guide on design for social impact.
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Blog Action Day. On October 15, 2008 over 2,600 bloggers, podcasters and videocasters will post about poverty.
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SocialDesignZine in English. My favorite Italian web site just launched an English version! SocialDesignZine is a blog about social design published by the Italian Graphic Design Association (AIAP). Huzzah!
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Nonprofit CEO bloggers. “Some nonprofits are turning to blogs to help craft their messages and encourage more active participation with their organizations.” A light introduction to a few possibilities, from The NonProfit Times.
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Blogging for Office

I’ve heard of candidates keeping blogs, but I think this is a first. From the Hindustan Times:

“Malaysia’s political landscape was hit hard from cyberspace last week when a blogger entered Parliament after winning in elections that saw the ruling coalition lose its two-thirds majority in the House. In a country where the mainstream media largely supported the government, Jeff Ooi — a former advertising copywriter — used his political blog to win a seat on an Opposition ticket. He was not the only blogger in the fray.

Elizabeth Wong, a social activist and blogger, won a state assembly election....

Technology destroyed the powerful hold that Abdullah’s Barisan Nasional had over Malaysia, where sex scandals and videos of ministers frolicking with their girlfriends have been posted on YouTube, much to their embarrassment.”

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Blog to Broadside. Inspired by a post she read on Yolanda Carrington’s blog The Primary Contradiction rebutting frequently asserted assumptions about gender, race, and power, ravenmn put together a flyer based on Yolanda’s post and using artwork inspired by her blog design. Now that’s a nice trackback.
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Arab Governments and the Internet. An update to the 2004 survey of free expression and restriction of the Internet. Organized by country, along with a new section on Arabic blogs.
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Who Reads Political Blogs?. The results of a blogads reader survey: mostly white, male, middle-class and Democrat. But the big suprise for me was the age range. I had assumed a younger audience, but everything from 30 to 60 seems heavily represented. The average age was 43.
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Houtlust. A blog of images non-profit advertising and marketing. Lots of posters, advertisements, urban interventions, and an occasional video clip from around the world. Updated daily. Some of the images are quite strong — and it’s interesting to try to figure out why. The ones that hit me in the gut mostly involve the human body. Even, as in the example below, by implication.

Update: Houtlust is now Osocio.
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NYPD Trackback

Yesterday saw a hit to this entry in my referer log from ‘’ using a Google Blog search for ‘nypd.’ Is that the NYC Office of Management and Budget?

Given the petty things friends have been arrested for lately, I should probably be more paranoid than I am, but I think this is a good thing.

Not quite eDemocracy (and who knows how the information will be used) but it’s nice to know at least someone’s checking the comments and complaints box.

At least amongst bloggers.

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