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Always Wear Your Seatbelt. Stunning short video from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. The whole ad is one a simple, slightly surreal scene, but touches a deep, emotional place — a similar place to the recent Google ad, another simple, powerful video that’s surreal in its own way. Nicely done. (Via)
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Color of Slow. “San Francisco transportation planners, looking for a way to make Market Street safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, decided Tuesday to scrap their earlier idea of tinting the asphalt at two dangerous Market Street intersections a brick-red color to grab drivers' attention. After consulting the color chart and state traffic code, they opted for beige.”
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Captain Ahab’s Fine Seafood. Benjamin Button’s Diaper Service, Kafka’s Pest Control, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s Pharmacy. To promote reading, the Johnson County Library in Kansas City dressed their courier trucks as delivery vehicles for fictitious businesses based on literary classics. See photos of the trucks and the library’s press release.
Captain Ahab's Seafood
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"The Gum Problem". After decades relying on concrete, granite, and porcelain tile, MTA New York City Transit is testing a new resin-based floor that is less expensive, easier to maintain, will resist gum, and glow in the dark to illustrate exit routes in the event of an emergency. Throw in a splash of art and it’s a full sweep!
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Crosswalk Memorial

This YouTube video documents pedestrian advocates in Lisbon, Portugal replacing the white “zebra” stripes in a crosswalk with the stenciled names of 137 pedestrians killed by cars. On the curb, the tagline reads: “1/4 das vítimas de acidentes de automóvel são peões.” 1/4 of the victims of automoboile accidents are pedestrians.

The typographic crosswalks were installed in May 2007 at four locations by the ad agency DraftFCB Lisbon for the advocacy group Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados with support from Liberty Insurance and JC Decaux. The action generated a bit of media attention to the issue during “Safe Street Week.” (via)

Crosswalk Memorial

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Code is Wall

Place de Concorde

In the Concorde station of the Paris Métro, the tunnel for line 12 is decorated with tiles spelling out the text of the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, a foundational document of the French Revolution. See more photos on Flickr or this panorama.

Place de Concorde

This works in so many ways: as a beautiful display of public typography; as a visualization of the correspondence between human rights and public transit, between policy and infrastructure, between theory, practice, and everyday life. In its deadpan presentation, there’s also something of a memorial to it which seems appropriate given its proximity to Place de la Concorde, previously Place de la Révolution, the site of the guillotine.

Not to mention a passing resemblance to The Matrix.

Place de Concorde, Matrix

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