Cool initiative from the Library Freedom Project will install Tor exit nodes in libraries.
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Support fair pricing for library ebooks #FairEbookPrices
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More people visit NYC libraries than pro sports games, museums, gardens, zoo, and live arts … combined.
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When Troy Saved Its Library with a Book Burning Party

A guerrilla marketing campaign uses outrage to drum up social media and mainstream media coverage, and dramatically redirects the framing of a proposed tax increase to save the local library.

Hoaxing the people you want to support you is a risky proposition. But this time it paid off. (via)

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Captain Ahab’s Fine Seafood. Benjamin Button’s Diaper Service, Kafka’s Pest Control, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s Pharmacy. To promote reading, the Johnson County Library in Kansas City dressed their courier trucks as delivery vehicles for fictitious businesses based on literary classics. See photos of the trucks and the library’s press release.
Captain Ahab's Seafood
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Book Mules. Mule In Venezuela, four-legged mobile libraries, bibliomulas, help distribute books in the foothills of the Andes. (thanks)
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