A few articles, essays, and interviews on the intersection of design and activism.

What are ways to crowdsource & make institutions not just gatekeepers but facilitators?, interview about Twitter bots and museums
     Wanderway, January 2017

Global Design Activism Survey, vignette on the state of design activism in the USA.
     Design and Culture, July 2013

Design Matters, a roundtable discussion between six designers and critics debating the relationship between design and social responsibility.
     frieze, April 2011

Pressed into Service, an interview with Lincoln Cushing about his book on labor posters and their neglected history
     Design Observer, September 2009

Mapping Power: Using design to get where we want to go
     Communication Arts, May/June 2009

The Law of the Letter
     Print, August 2008

The Vision Thing: Seeing and creating change through design
     Communication Arts, January/February 2008

“The Killing Fields,” On landmines and design, education and advocacy
     Print, February 2008

“The Conversation:” When should designers make a political commitment?
     Communication Arts, August 2007

Consider the Collective: More than business as usual
     Communication Arts, September/October 2005

Guns, Butter and Ballots: Citizens take charge by designing for better government
     Communication Arts, January/February 2005

Taking it to the Streets: Graphic design for advocacy
     Communication Arts, May/June 2004

Letter to the Editor
     Emigre, No. 53, Winter 2000