Drawing the Line: How redistricting turned America from blue to red
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The arts community is missing a great chance to push ballet initiatives today in NYC. #NYC2013
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Big data is the new polling. Fascinating deck on the Obama campaign’s digital team, extensively footnoted.
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Some great photos from the Million Puppet March on Washington DC.   (Noted previously.)


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Basta Malarky!
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@BootsRiley on how political change actually happens: spin.com/…
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Puppets Talk Back

Puppet Protest

First you ban them from your political convention, then you threaten their funding, now the puppets are rising up and fighting back with a Million Puppet March in Washington DC three days before the election. That should be some photo op — humor is a powerful tactic.

But why the Republican anti-puppet agenda? Is it the radical history of puppets? Or perhaps it hits too close to home?

(Protest image courtesy of Nikkolas Smith.)

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