Going Rouge. On November 17, Sarah Palin’s memoir Going Rogue: An American Life will be released. That same day, two senior editors at The Nation will publish Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare, a book of critical essays on her background, policies, and relationship to the Republican Party. In addition to the title play, the book uses its cover type and photo treatment to good effect. (via)
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Peace, Love, and Geert Wilders. Two young Dutch designers, Pinar&Viola, sent this clean video re-edit of far-right MP Geert Wilders preaching peace and universal human rights. It's a stark contrast to his usual rhetoric, but also a compelling visualization of some parallel world where politicians stood up for things that matter.
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"Three Word Chant!"

An Anarchist anti-slogan used in the Battle of Seattle to illustrate the reification of the slogan in mass culture. From a list of political slogans on wikipedia.
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Feed the World. Pictures of Starving People“In 1986, the anarchist band Chumbawamba released the album Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records, as well as an EP entitled "We Are the World", jointly recorded with US band A State of Mind, both of which were intended as anti-capitalist critiques of the Band Aid/Live Aid phenomenon. They argued that the record was primarily a cosmetic spectacle, designed to draw attention away from the real political causes of world hunger.”
>  27 December 2008 | LINK | Filed in , , What if? An interactive tableaux satirizing vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. It’s a bit like a spread from Good Night Bush with lots of hidden gags.
Palin as President
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everything is ok. An ‘activist toolkit’ enabling you to comment on the visual trappings of security in a site specific location near you. The kit includes postcards, buttons, warning labels, and various caution stickers. The centerpiece is police-style caution tape with the repeated mantra “everything is ok.” One of the designers writes, “The tape is sort of a giant interactive caption that modifies spaces, gatherings, traffic, etc.” See examples of the kit in action in the user gallery. It’s satire in a box, available for sale.

everything is ok
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Goodnight Bush

Rendered in the style of the children’s classic Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Bush is a wonderfully detailed satire of the Bush administration published in time to put our long national nightmare to bed.

Goodnight Bush, Cover

The pages are full of illustrated references and visual gags:

Goodnight Bush, Inside

It’s not hard to imagine Chrisopher Walken reading this version aloud. The hardcover book is available for purchase online at Amazon, Powell's and Barnes & Noble.

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George W. Bush Memorial Wastewater Treatment Facility. Presidential SealWho needs a library for books? The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco proposes to rename a sewage plant after President Bush as a monument to his work. See this brief interview on SFist or coverage in the SF Gate. The group is collecting signatures to put the initiative on the city ballot in November.
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The opposite of shoplifting, shopdropping is covertly placing merchandise on display in retail environments.

For instance, Banksy altering the Paris Hilton debut album and leaving it at the record store to critique and politicize its message, or the Barbie Liberation Organization swapping the voice hardware of Teen Talk Barbie and the Talking Duke G.I. Joe doll and returning the dolls to the shelves. (Instructions here.)

Coke LaborA new project from the Anti-Advertising Agency is PeopleProducts123. From the Web site you can download PDFs of new packaging for products, print them out, color them in, and place them in your local store. The improved packaging featuring images and stories about the workers who make them. 

Participants are encouraged to upload their images to Flickr, tagged peopleproducts123. See a video about the project here.

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Around 3,500 antiwar protesters rallied outside the United Nations in New York City today while President Bush delivered his speech inside. A decent turnout for a business hours on a weekday, and a very last minute call to action.

The organizers asked me to design a flyer to hand out at the march. I took it as an opportunity to do something a little different from a typical flyer. The goal here was not to grab the viewer and turn them out to the event, but to make something interesting for them to read while attending the event itself. The front is a statement by the organizers, the back lists upcoming events.

In the end UfPJ wanted something simpler — and something more like a typical flyer — which I delivered. But I like the way this version came out. The text is styled in the form of a redacted government document. It creates a parallel text that plays on themes of secrecy, coverup, and suppression of dissent, as well as seeing through the lies and reading what is erased.

Flyer Front Flyer Back
Download 200 Kb PDF
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