France decrees new commercial buildings must cover their rooftops with plants or solar panels.

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5 Burning Man Projects Changing the Real World:…
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Build Your Own Solar Cooker. Other instructions here and here.
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Solar Cookers. A perspective from Cook’s Illustrated.
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War and Peas

Along the lines of this NY Times infographic on the enormous opportunity cost of the Iraq war (say... universal health care in the U.S. — twice over), my friend Noah has packaged a more experiential approach: plantable firearms made of clay, compost, and a mix of seeds. Walk through the manufacturing process at this Flash photo gallery or order one of your own. (via, via)

Plantable Firearm

Plantable Firearm

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CitySol. This past Sunday was the third in a series of free outdoor parties promoting environmentalism in NYC. The summer festivals along Manhattan’s East River waterfront combine “renewable energy-powered live music..., interactive exhibits showcasing key innovations, practices and policies for New York’s sustainable future, and a green lifestyle marketplace.” This Sunday, Per Scholas was also out collecting electronics for recycling or refurbishing and redistribution to low-income families. Reader Colin sends a link to pics of Sunday’s festivities on the NYC IMC. The next event takes place on September 24.
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