Various Posters

A few poster ideas without a client.

BP Oil Poster

There are plenty of structural issues around the crisis in the Gulf, but this one was on my mind. PDF version here. June 2010.

Veteran Suicide

Source. While there may not be so many “unknown soldiersany more, it seems like there are more and more forgotten ones in our midst. May 2010.

Little by Little

Thinking about the pace of social change. October 2008. Download PDF.

I Heart Iraq, Stencil

Stencil idea. July 2008. Download PDF.

Work! Not War! July 2008.

Argument Poster

“We all teach all the time.” July 2008.

Eye for an eye. July 2006. Download PDF.

Drop the Debt for the Tsunami Victims

A graphic response to the December 2004 disaster and the humanitarian reaction. Download PDF.

I Am Not Mourning.

A response to the media panegyric. June 2004.

No Blood for Oil!

No blood for oil. April 2003.