I built an SMS bot! Here’s the story: I’ve been looking at bots for advocacy and have been keeping a short list of inspiring SMS projects including TXTMob, Crises Text Line, mRelief, Planned Parenthood’s Teen Q&A line, and others. I’ve poked around the Twilio API. And then came this message on the Progressive Exchange email list:

Subject: ISO "find your elected officials" by text

I have to think this exists -- is there a simple "text KEYWORD to THIS NUMBER" that will return the names and phone numbers of your elected officials? Congress and state?


Turns out it does not exist — so I wired it up and announced it on the list. The response has been super positive.

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I built a thing: text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your state & federal legislative rep phone numbers.
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ACLU launches legal battle to allow researchers to do anti-discrimination testing of algorithms and platforms.
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Senate to outsource tedious task of writing legislation to industry regulated by same legislation
Twitter  4 February 2016 | LINK | Filed in ,
Secret campaign contributions
Secret trade agreements
Secret subpoenas
Secret evidence
Secret courts
Secret prisons
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Heard about that big corporate settlement for defrauding the public? It’s tax deductible — paid for by the public.
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