Memorial Day



While there may not be so many “unknown soldiersany more, it seems like there are more and more forgotten ones in our midst.

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Immigrants Rights are Civil Rights

A friend in DC sent this photo of great poster popping up there. The English language poster is always accompanied by a Spanish language version.

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MayDay Posters

“What does International Workers’ Day mean for the self-employed — for the designer or any other highly flexible working person today? Or someone unemployed? How does someone self-employed go on strike? How do you fight for better working conditions?”

In much of the globe, workers of the world celebrate the first of May with demonstrations, parades, and parties led by community groups, unions, and left wing political organizations.

Once a celebration of Spring and a commemoration of attacks on workers, EuroMayDay is a modern reinvention of the May Day tradition. The first MayDay Parade was held in Milan in 2001 and has since spread across Europe. In 2006, it grew into EuroMayday, a day of protests and actions to fight “precarization” of workers and discrimination against migrants in Europe and beyond. New forms of Precarity are a result of shifts in the modern workplace from permanent employment to temp work, freelance, and other instruments of “flexible labor.” This has resulted in an existence for workers without predictability or security, affecting both material and psychological welfare.

Hundreds of activists and volunteers over the years have come together to organize the MayDay events. Since 2007, the design studio bildwechsel / image-shift has joined them, producing a series of beautiful and provocative MayDay posters. To celebrate MayDay (and the anniversary of this blog) I asked the studio partners about their MayDay poster designs from the last 4 years.

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Green Patriot Posters. Raise a Carrot A call for poster designs to be included in a forthcoming book on contemporary graphic design promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change. Deadline is March 27th!
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Design Against the Death Penalty. death-is-not-justice.png The death penalty will be the next focus of Poster for Tomorrow, an international, collaborative poster project. The project will culminate on October 10, 2010, the world day against the death penalty coordinated by the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty. Posters are intended to be used by campaigners around the world and will be chosen in part for their reproducibility. The call for entries will open on April 10 with posters due in June. The project is run by 4tomorrow an independent, non-profit organization based in Paris that promotes active citizenship through the medium of design.
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When Fear Turns Graphic. swiss_minarets_poster.png“Switzerland stunned many Europeans, including not a few Swiss, when near the end of last year the country, by referendum, banned the building of minarets... A poster was widely cited as having galvanized votes for the Swiss measure but was also blamed for exacerbating hostility toward immigrants and instigating a media and legal circus.”
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Three Little Words


Artist Unknown. Via.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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20 Political Poster Books. Activist, poster artist and book nerd Josh MacPhee posts an annotated list of his twenty favorite books on post-WWII political posters. A great resource!
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Agitate! Educate! Organize!


My interview with Lincoln Cushing, co-author of Agitate! Educate! Organize!: American Labor Posters is up at Design Observer along with a brief slideshow of selections from the book.

We talk about the book, its origins, and the trouble with political posters.

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American Flag Poster

Lex Drewinski, 2D/3D, silkscreen, 2006.

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