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New Year’s card from Réne Wolf, January 2011 (via)

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100 Years of Sex

To commemorate 100 years of public health STD programs, the City Clinic of San Francisco has posted 100 posters on STD prevention. The images lack attribution and date, but the spectrum visual strategies and messages is fantastic.

I thought this one was particularly effective, both earnest and ironic, packing humor and fear in an urgent and familiar retro package:

I take my condom

To really catch all the zingers, click through for an, um, larger version.

Update 7/11/11. Mike wrote in to ID the poster above: it was designed by Art Chantry in 1993. There’s a bit more info on it here.

It’s also one of the 150 images in this exhibition of 25 years of international AIDS awareness posters. Some highlights are up at Design Observer.

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Gay Marriage in NY

Quick sketch tonight:

Gay Marriage, New York


“On Friday night, as the Senate voted, a crowd jammed into the Stonewall Inn, where televisions were tuned to the Senate hours before the vote began. Danny Garvin, 62, said he had been at the bar the night of the riot, and came back to watch the Senate debate Friday. On the streets where police beat gay men in 1969, on Friday crowds cheered, as police quietly stood watch.”

From riots to public policy in just 40 years.

And barely two hours after the Senate vote, has posted an FAQ!

“With the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, people from all over the country and all round world are asking the question: can I come to New York City and get married? The answer is yes! Whether you're a lifelong local or someone who has dreamed of coming here your entire life, New York City is the ultimate spot for you to tie the knot.”

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No More Blood / No Más Sangre

The National Citizens’ Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity has traveled through Mexico and into Texas calling for the end to the so-called “war on drugs,” saying it’s only leading to more violence and to more drugs.

It’s a sober and visual affair with rallies, vigils, banners and posters — and this graphic in particular caught my eye. Designed by Alejandro Magallanes, it’s distinctive and modernist spare, camera friendly and vaguely echoes a civic pattern, but in its combination of text and symbol, also works in both English and Spanish.

No Más Sangre

Mexican poet Javier Sicilia led the caravan following the brutal murder of his 24-year-old son by drug traffickers earlier this year. The caravan’s demands include an end to the Merida Initiative, in which the United States provides training and support for the Mexican army in its “war on drugs.” Related protests have occurred in over 40 Mexican cities, including an estimated 50,000-strong demonstration in Cuernavaca and 20,000 in Mexico City.

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Posters for the #spanishrevolution

Friends at un mundo feliz sent this call for type-driven posters to support the Spanish revolution and other social movements in Europe now. Posters are available for download at voces con futura and here's a gallery view of the posters thus far. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Hammers Not Nails

Sol en Todas las Plazas

Plaza Fight

The latter two refer to Puerta del Sol in the heart of Madrid where major demonstrations took place in May.

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Union Made, Wisconsin. Great downloadable graphic from Just Seeds member Colin Matthes. Click through for a high resolution version.
Union Made
Update 3/7/2011 — Another good one:
Closed for Democracy
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Art vs Empire

Pieta Button

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics has two new online exhibitions: MasterPeaces, High Art for Higher Purpose and Art Against Empire, Graphic Responses to U.S. Interventions Since World War II. Both are chock full of oppositional graphic goodness (and one of my poster designs, too!)

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Peace Posters. Helicopter Breakdown Press has just published The Peace Posters, a 32-page broadsheet newspaper which unfolds to 30 posters — and is available for free. To obtain copies for bedroom walls, workplaces, street poles, community notice boards, shopfronts and schools, email [email protected] with your postal address and how many copies you wish to receive. The collection also includes one of my posters.
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Politisches Plakat. This poster blog boasts images of over 1,900 political posters from the radical left in Germany. They have a Flickr account, too! (thanks sandy)
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BP Oil Poster

There are plenty of structural issues around the crisis in the Gulf, but this one was on my mind tonight. PDF version here.

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