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Mapping the “War on Terror,” 3

Selected CIA Aircraft Routes and Rendition Flights 2001-2006

A billboard I designed is up on display in Los Angeles. It’s part of a series of public art installations about the war, and will be on view until October 8, 2006.

The image is a map of Selected CIA Aircraft Routes and Rendition Flights 2001-2006, some of which transported prisoners to foreign countries to be interrogated and tortured. After years of silence and denial, the administration publicly acknowledged the flights in the last few weeks.

I worked with artist and geographer Trevor Paglen who provided the data. Trevor spent several years tracking down the flight information, and has a book out this month on his investigations, Torture Taxi: On the Trail of the CIA’s Rendition Flights. See this interview with him on Democracy Now! with co-author, journalist A.C. Thompson.

The billboard is located at 6150 Wilshire Boulevard, near South Fairfax Ave, between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Here’s a Google Map.

Clockshop, a public arts organization in Los Angeles, funded the display. You can read more about the project at http://clockshop.org/here.php

A few images, below:

Billboard during the day

Billboard at night

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The Urban Forest Project. 185 banners about trees will hang from lampposts in New York’s Times Square for the next two months. Professional designers, artists, and students were invited to contribute designs “using the form of the tree, or a metaphor for the tree.... Following their display, the banners will be recycled into tote bags and sold at auction, with proceeds going to scholarship and mentoring programs that benefit students of the visual arts.” Though it was not explicitly part of the brief, a large number of designers took the opportunity to publish social commentary. The direct link to the banners has disappeared from the main site, but you can click through images of all the banners here.
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CitySol. This past Sunday was the third in a series of free outdoor parties promoting environmentalism in NYC. The summer festivals along Manhattan’s East River waterfront combine “renewable energy-powered live music..., interactive exhibits showcasing key innovations, practices and policies for New York’s sustainable future, and a green lifestyle marketplace.” This Sunday, Per Scholas was also out collecting electronics for recycling or refurbishing and redistribution to low-income families. Reader Colin sends a link to pics of Sunday’s festivities on the NYC IMC. The next event takes place on September 24.
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Green, Stylish, and Affordable Housing. The AIA announced eight winners of the “Show You’re Green” awards at its June conference.
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Notes in Time Out

Time Out NY

This week’s Time Out New York is running six pictures of Japanese manhole covers I took in 2002. It’s part of the cover story on “how to make New York better by stealing the best ideas from other cities.”

The photo editor found this old blog post and contacted me.

(And seeing it in print, I think the first photo is upside down. I always thought it was birds against the sky, but now I think it might be flowers against a river...)

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Brick v Asphalt. Brick streets add character and calm traffic. And one neighborhood association president noted estimates that indicate the higher price of restoring brick is more than offset by lower maintenance costs and longer life than asphalt. Some neighborhoods are removing asphalt and restoring the old brick streets underneath. (via)
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All City, 2

Back in town and still catching up, but here’s an quick update on a recent blog item:

On Monday, June 5, 2006, the US Conference of Mayors adopted the ‘2030 Challenge,’ a resolution committing to a timeline for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by all new and renovated city buildings to the point that all new city buildings are carbon-neutral by 2030.

On May 31, 2006, the City of Santa Fe became the first city in the US to formally adopt the ‘2030 Challenge’.

The 78,000 member American Institute of Architects formally adopted the ‘2030 Challenge’ in January 2006.

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All City


The American Institute of Architects National Government Advocacy Team and Architecture 2030 are urging the US Conference of Mayors to adopt Resolution 50 which sets a goal of carbon-neutral city buildings by 2030 — that is, new city buildings will use no fossil-fuel or greenhouse gas emitting energy sources to operate.

The orgs are asking people to call their mayors this week before the meeting in early June. Background information, talking points, sample letters, and contact info up http://www.architecture2030.org/news/index.php

The text of the resolution reads like a nice little manifesto. Click below for the full text.

And how rare and wonderful to see a professional association engaging with progressive public policy!

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