November 2009

Clinic with two doors, a symbol of two-tier care. “The door on the right leads to quicker service and personal attention from a doctor. The other leads to longer waits and more uncertainty. As it turns out, they're the same place.” The quick side is for patients who pay up front, the other is for those with insurance.
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Designism 4.0

Designism 4.0

The Art Directors Club hosted Designism 4.0 this Wednesday night in their New York City gallery. This was the fourth annual event on design and social change there, and after last year’s ambitious program was cut short by the Vice-Presidential debate this year’s program was significantly streamlined — four slideshows, a roundtable, and one big question: how to do good work and still eat.

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Legible London. Legible London A new pedestrian wayfinding system to help people walk around the Capital. See also: Bristol Legible City, Southampton Legible City, Legible Dublin, and Connect Sheffield
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Tenants Rights Cards. tenant-flashcards.jpgCandy Chang designed this set of flash cards on tenants’ rights with the grassroots organization Tenants & Neighbors and published the deck with a grant from Sappi. The set of thirty cards translates New York State’s official Tenants Rights Guide document into fun, digestible topic briefs on issues like security deposits, subletting, privacy and discrimination. Timely, too.

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