September 2007

Saffron Revolution. Stencil images for worldwide campaign in support of Burma's marching monks. Download a PDF of the stencil.
Marching monks for Burma
Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008. Erosion of civil rights, privitization of public resources, U.S. plunder and murder abroad, the creep towards martial law at home — stories the mainstream media forgot to tell us, compiled by Project Censored.  ¶
Typo Tour. A grand tour of typography in Italy with respect to writing, printing, and signage.  ¶
One Thousand Words. “With the cadets in class, we walk through some of the jihadi chat rooms that are used to spread propaganda against their fellow soldiers. And they need to understand — there's a photo out there, a very famous photo that's on all of these chat rooms. It's a picture of a bunch of American soldiers taking a rest in a mosque with their boots on. And it's everywhere. And because it's just a symbol of sort of insult to Islam. And the cadets need to understand that even if they are doing something that they think is completely benign, that they don't mean any sort of insult, it can be used against them. And it's that kind of awareness that they need to get to the point where they understand that they could accidentally do something extraordinarily insulting. That photograph is more of the strategic defeat than any sort of tactical engagement on the battlefield. And we need to understand it and the cadets need to understand that.” (Thanks)  ¶
International PARK(ing) Day. Roll out the sod — today is the 3rd annual International PARK(ing) Day, a day when artists, activists, and citizens collaborate to temporarily transform parking spots into temporary public parks. Yet another guerilla intervention for civic improvement.  ¶
Anti-War Films. A list on Wikipedia.  ¶
Bananas in Germany. “For the early postwar generation, many of whom as children knew of bananas only through the reminiscences of their elders, the fruit still evokes memories of humiliation, deprivation, and even famine. Ever since hunger overtook war-torn, occupied Germany in the mid-1940s when even basic foodstuffs were unobtainable, bananas have symbolized luxury to both West and East Germans.” (via MeFi)  ¶
Manure, U.S.A.. “Once upon a time... livestock manure was an essential source of fertilizer for nearby farms. Now, immense factory farms are so concentrated in some counties... that there is not enough cropland to dispose of all the waste that is created. Below is a map... of counties where the amount of phosphorous in manure that must be disposed exceeds the entire assimilative capacity of the county’s farmland.”  ¶
No Caricatures. “Finally got a response from the well-meaning art director, on January 5: he’d had a chance to meet with the editors, who liked the piece a lot, but there was just one small problem, the [New York Times] op-ed page has a new policy...”  ¶
Army of None. A beautiful, edgy counterrecruitment guide designed by my freind Jason.  ¶

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