March 2014

Painting propaganda on the streets of China with dot matrix water calligraphy and a trike:

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We don’t “empower.” The power is already there.
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First Things First 2014

On the 50th anniversary of the 1964 design manifesto, and in the spirit of its 2000 refresh, here is a 2014 update addressing the social impact of design in the digital age, below. I've added this to my growing list of design manifestos.

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On Culture its Consequences

From an interview with Molly Crabapple:

“Art can change the world, but seldom in the way it intends, and seldom the art that people think would have that effect.

I keep thinking of the Guy Fawkes mask Dave Gibbons drew. In discussions of what art is radical, mainstream comics are seldom brought up. And yet… I also think of an interview I read with Greenwald where he said that what convinced him of Snowden’s sincerity about bringing forward his revelations was when Snowden told him he was inspired by video games and comic books.

There is radical, explicit art, but there’s also art that worms into the culture and decades or centuries later bursts forward in unimagined effects.”

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