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Call Connected Thru the NSA. Rockin ringtone from They Might Be Giants.
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Homeland Security

It Can Happen Here, Unless We Keep 'Em Firing

Circa 1942-45. Larger version here.

Oh wait, isn’t “terrorism” waging politics by fear?

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All City


The American Institute of Architects National Government Advocacy Team and Architecture 2030 are urging the US Conference of Mayors to adopt Resolution 50 which sets a goal of carbon-neutral city buildings by 2030 — that is, new city buildings will use no fossil-fuel or greenhouse gas emitting energy sources to operate.

The orgs are asking people to call their mayors this week before the meeting in early June. Background information, talking points, sample letters, and contact info up

The text of the resolution reads like a nice little manifesto. Click below for the full text.

And how rare and wonderful to see a professional association engaging with progressive public policy!

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New cement aborbs pollution. Powered by titanium dioxide, the same stuff in the paint that absorbs pollution. As long as it creates less pollution when produced...
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Too busy to post much lately. But if anyone’s still checking this site, here’s a teaser for you — a couple sketches for a work in progress. Click a thumbnail below for a poster-sized PDF. Feel free to use as you see fit.

peace1.png peace2.png peace3.png

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Unseen America. “Hundreds of workers were given cameras and lessons in photography, and then asked to document their lives. Through this collection of black-and-white images — sometimes bleak, sometimes poignant, and always honest — the workers give voice to their stories.” Interview with the curator.
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Who Reads Political Blogs?. The results of a blogads reader survey: mostly white, male, middle-class and Democrat. But the big suprise for me was the age range. I had assumed a younger audience, but everything from 30 to 60 seems heavily represented. The average age was 43.
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Bound by Law. A comic book on intellectual property and its hazards for the independent filmmaker.
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Architectures of Control. A blog of structures and designs intended to control or limit the user’s actions. (A kind of “anti-social design notes”?)
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