May 2012

RT @GuardianData: Winners of the inaugural Data Journalism Awards announced
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"I don't know of a movement that unfolds in under a decade. People are impatient, quick to judge." F. F. Piven on #OWS
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Income inequality, as seen from space. Satellite Trees Follow the green for some real world data visualization: satellite photos of urban trees reveal the geography of income inequality.

One could test the thesis in NYC with the OASIS data.
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Ken Burns: "All story is manipulation."
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Food Blogging for Social Change. corn.jpgA fantastic use of blogging for advocacy: a 9-yr-old’s school lunch blog attracts international attention and shames the local council into making changes.
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Roads Emergency

Grover, Road Safety Ambassador

It’s a design emergency. Road trauma is the number one cause of death and injury for children in every country of the world. And crashes disproportionately affect the poor with 9 out of 10 deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries.

While the engineers huddle over traffic and urban planning, there’s one monster big enough for the educational front.

Your lovable pal Grover has taken on the role of Global Road Safety Ambassador in support of the United Nations’s Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Ambassador Grover stars in a series of PSA’s developed by Sesame Workshop and the Global Road Safety Partnership to accompany a Road Safety Education Framework for educators, parents, and communities.


Inspired by the success of the red ribbon for HIV/AIDS and the white band against global poverty, the Decade of Action group is also promoting a yellow Road Safety Tag to increase awareness of the issue. Sports figures, celebrities, and politicians have been spotted wearing the tag.

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Takes public pressure and public awareness to institutionalize the unintentional. HT
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RT @quinnnorton: "If you see something, say something." I see an over-reaching, militarized, and oppressive police presence. Who do I report that to?
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RT @occuprint: "To what extent is Helvetica oppressive?" @TAssembly
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RT @EthanZ: The power of images in Chinese politics - @anxiaomina explains that political images are almost impossible to censor. #roflcon
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