Crowdsourced Poster for May Day

I crowdsourced a crowd scene for a May Day poster using Mechanical Turk, Facebook and Twitter friends inviting them to draw a robot holding up a sign. In just five days, I assembled a protest scene with 250 unique characters. It was great fun. Here are the results in color and black and white.

Click below for high resolution versions.



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StateFace. I love maps and I love type, so its no wonder I love StateFace, an Open Source font you can use in your web apps when you want tiny U.S. state shapes as a design element. Thank you ProPublica!
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Neutral and Not. Blue Ribbon “But although Wikipedia’s articles are neutral, its existence is not.… We depend on a legal infrastructure that makes it possible for us to operate. And we depend on a legal infrastructure that also allows other sites to host user-contributed material, both information and expression.”

Thrilling to see Wikipedia, Reddit, Google, Slahdot, Tumblr and other big sites mobilizing their users to take action on a public policy issue today. Once you make that first call to your representative, you realize just how easy it is to call again on another issue as well.
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Occuprint. Permanent Crisis The 4th printed issue of The Occupied Wall Street Journal was a special edition composed entirely of posters. 20,000 copies were printed and distributed throughout the movement. Since then, the project website has attracted a growing number of poster submissions from around the world, each available as a printable PDF.

The site will soon post DIY suggestions, how-to videos, and other resources for anyone who wants to open a free occupation PrintLab.
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We are the 99 percent. I've been thinking about poster designs and what imagery I can contribute to #occupywallstreet, but these hundreds of self-portraits of people telling their own stories of debt, sickness, unemployment, and eviction are far more powerful than anything I've come up with.
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"Real Names" Policies Are an Abuse of Power. “The people who most heavily rely on pseudonyms in online spaces are those who are most marginalized by systems of power. ‘Real names’ policies aren’t empowering; they’re an authoritarian assertion of power over vulnerable people. These ideas and issues aren’t new… but what is new is that marginalized people are banding together and speaking out loudly. And thank goodness.”
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iresign.org.uk. A resignation letter generator for News International employees composed of automatically rearranged snippets of actual phone hacking resignation statements. Nicely done.
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Followers and Leaders

Twitter Truck

Conversation this weekend about food trucks in New York City working to update 30-year-old laws governing street vending: though Twitter is touted as a way for fans to locate your wandering concession, it turns out that having a large number of Twitter followers doesn’t necessarily lead to more business. But it does get you a meeting at City Hall — Council members want their names Tweeted favorably to all those virtual constituents!

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The Earth Needs a Hug. Embrace the Earth Tomás wrote in about an Earth Day campaign he worked on for Cascos Verdes in Argentina. Upload a picture of yourself through this Facebook app to join a massive, virtual group hug!
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Interactive timeline of Middle East protests. The Guardian does an admirable job visually indexing their coverage of rebellions, resistance, and revolution across 17 countries and territories. It’s a funny point of view, driving into the future as it happens.
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