Migration and Displacement

Colectivo.Aliados 2.0 has a nice Flickr set of posters and photographs on migration and displacement. These are some of my favorites:

ca_flag_embrace.jpg ca_fence.jpg ca_beach.jpg ca_want_need.jpg

See previous online galleries of their poster work on war, the women of Juárez and domestic violence.

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How To Win: A Practical Guide to Defeating The Radical Right. Activist toolkit text from 1994: “A one-stop, do-it-yourself guide to fighting the Radical Right at the local level. In it you will find hands-on information on a range of practical matters, including how to organize coalitions, how to run an election campaign, how to work with the media, how to use polling, and how to intrepret and put to good use the relevant body of law.” See the Table of Contents. (Posted on The WELL via Gopher!)
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Blogging for Office

I’ve heard of candidates keeping blogs, but I think this is a first. From the Hindustan Times:

“Malaysia’s political landscape was hit hard from cyberspace last week when a blogger entered Parliament after winning in elections that saw the ruling coalition lose its two-thirds majority in the House. In a country where the mainstream media largely supported the government, Jeff Ooi — a former advertising copywriter — used his political blog to win a seat on an Opposition ticket. He was not the only blogger in the fray.

Elizabeth Wong, a social activist and blogger, won a state assembly election....

Technology destroyed the powerful hold that Abdullah’s Barisan Nasional had over Malaysia, where sex scandals and videos of ministers frolicking with their girlfriends have been posted on YouTube, much to their embarrassment.”

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Mapping electoral fraud in Zimbabwe. Murder, abduction, violence, food hoarding, buying votes... an overview of election conditions mapped by Zimbabwe Election Watch
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Hearing Test. Simple, powerful and unexpected online application from the Norwegian Red Cross. (Try it. It’s not what it seems.) (via)
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1,000 Lies. The Center for Public Integrity has compiled a database of Iraq-related speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony by the Bush administration in the two years following September 11, 2001. They found at least 935 false statements about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq — reaching a crescendo before the invasion. Their analysis and data set are searchable online.
Graph of Lies
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Google Checkout for Non-Profit Organizations. Free, online donation processing until 2009. No monthly, setup or gateway fees.
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The Art of Quitting. A collaborative web site by and for cigarette smokers to post images that inspire them to quit.
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Saffron Revolution. Stencil images for worldwide campaign in support of Burma's marching monks. Download a PDF of the stencil.
Marching monks for Burma
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One Thousand Words. “With the cadets in class, we walk through some of the jihadi chat rooms that are used to spread propaganda against their fellow soldiers. And they need to understand — there's a photo out there, a very famous photo that's on all of these chat rooms. It's a picture of a bunch of American soldiers taking a rest in a mosque with their boots on. And it's everywhere. And because it's just a symbol of sort of insult to Islam. And the cadets need to understand that even if they are doing something that they think is completely benign, that they don't mean any sort of insult, it can be used against them. And it's that kind of awareness that they need to get to the point where they understand that they could accidentally do something extraordinarily insulting. That photograph is more of the strategic defeat than any sort of tactical engagement on the battlefield. And we need to understand it and the cadets need to understand that.” (Thanks)
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