Faces4Lebanon. Photosharing for peace. Publish a portrait with your message of solidarity. (via)
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Who Reads Political Blogs?. The results of a blogads reader survey: mostly white, male, middle-class and Democrat. But the big suprise for me was the age range. I had assumed a younger audience, but everything from 30 to 60 seems heavily represented. The average age was 43.
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Architectures of Control. A blog of structures and designs intended to control or limit the user’s actions. (A kind of “anti-social design notes”?)
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Official 2010 Olympics. A parody in the style of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics site challenging the Olympic committee’s representations of indigenous peoples and the image of Canada it projects. (via)
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Little Brother is Watching. This billboard in Boston, is under attack for its political subject matter. littlebrotheriswatching.com challenges the Bush administration’s domestic wiretapping program. The Massachusetts state Outdoor Advertising Board officials sent the owner of the board, John Rosenthal, a letter stating, “You are directed to remove this billboard forthwith.” The Little Brother is Watching blog is open for comment. (via)
Little Brother is Watching
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Make your own commercial for the Chevy Tahoe. Chevy lets Web users make their own ads online. A few environmentally aware users have already made good ones skewering the SUV. (via)
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Conveying Accountability through the Member’s Web Site. A short list of recommendations for members of Congress. The results of a survey (PDF) by the Congress Online Project, who also have advice on Transparency, Accountability and Grassroots Campaigns.
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Houtlust. A blog of images non-profit advertising and marketing. Lots of posters, advertisements, urban interventions, and an occasional video clip from around the world. Updated daily. Some of the images are quite strong — and it’s interesting to try to figure out why. The ones that hit me in the gut mostly involve the human body. Even, as in the example below, by implication.

Update: Houtlust is now Osocio.
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Usability Exchange. Ask persons with disabilities to test and rate your Web site remotely. See this BBC piece. (via)
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The Bureau of Workplace Interruptions. Bureau of Workplace Interruptions“BWI is an ‘intimate bureaucracy’ created to challenge our relationship to time and efficiency. BWI uses interruptive technology such as email, snail mail, and the telephone, as well as in-person visits to create invisible theatre that steals time from the realm of work and capital.”
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