Non-Profits Embrace Web 2.0. A few brief cases of groups using blogs, maps, videos, and social networking to great effect.
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Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace. Impressionistic notes on design, positioning, and online communities. Discussion follows here. It complements this classic Ze Frank rant on ugly, technology, and hegemony.
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Google Timeline. Visualize search results on an automated timeline. A clever view, but more a people’s history than A People’s History.
Google Timeline
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Blog to Broadside. Inspired by a post she read on Yolanda Carrington’s blog The Primary Contradiction rebutting frequently asserted assumptions about gender, race, and power, ravenmn put together a flyer based on Yolanda’s post and using artwork inspired by her blog design. Now that’s a nice trackback.
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Map Junk

On Vertederos Localizados Por Los Internautas, the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia invites readers to send in photos and descriptions of illegal garbage dumps. Photos and descriptions are plotted on an interactive map of the country. The intent seems to be embarrassing officials into cleaning it up.

Built by coder Jim Nachlin and friends, the Garbage Scout plots some of the things New Yorkers are throwing out, so that others may claim them. (Many of the shelves in my apartment were inherited from the street.) Sadly, the experiment only lasted a year, though I hear the code may be GPL’d soon.

It’s interesting to me that two maps with the same interaction and functionality and with similar focus can have such different approaches — one top down, the other bottom up.

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Arab Governments and the Internet. An update to the 2004 survey of free expression and restriction of the Internet. Organized by country, along with a new section on Arabic blogs.
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Labor Website of the Year. Promoting better design among trade union websites around the world. Voting for the 2007 contest ends January 31.
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Amici di Social Design Zine. Friends of Social Design Zine, an Italian equivalent of Social Design Notes, are meeting in Venice on September 30, 2006.
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Travel with a Disability Photo Group. More Flickr solidarity.
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The World Says No!. Images of protests around the world against Israel’s war on Lebanon — and the war’s U.S. government support. (via)
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