12 March 2012

Occupy Kickstarter

Occuprint, a volunteer-run collaborative project that curates, collects, prints and distributes posters and graphics produced by and for the global Occupy movement.

The group is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a massive print run of posters, to distribute them anywhere there are #occupy supporters, and to print a limited edition portfolio of screen printed images, which will ultimately live in the permanent collections of museums, libraries, and other arts institutions.

I’m very late posting this and the funding goal has been reached, but you can still help fund an even wider print run and receive some posters and stickers for yourself. Check the project video below:

One of the first posters to be screen printed was my own riot cop image, which is an incredible honor. Click through for a video of the printing in action.

When in Riot Gear, screen

When in Riot Gear, screened