“The cake map showed wastewater plants in M&Ms & why the sludge barge is needed. Then they ate the cake. It was delicious.”
Counter Cartographies with Lize Mogel
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Call for critical #infographics on neoliberal policy and the urban #geography of capital, materials, and migration:
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Being an Account of #Typography, #Nationalism, and #Geography in Modern Europe:…
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RT @kataaron: If we can predict that 5 children a yr will be killed on a specific corner it's no longer an accident - DGEI #amc2012 #rsrchrebel
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"The #map you make today will be seen differently tomorrow." #NYCArc cc @NYCArcuser
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Income inequality, as seen from space. Satellite Trees Follow the green for some real world data visualization: satellite photos of urban trees reveal the geography of income inequality.

One could test the thesis in NYC with the OASIS data.
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StateFace. I love maps and I love type, so its no wonder I love StateFace, an Open Source font you can use in your web apps when you want tiny U.S. state shapes as a design element. Thank you ProPublica!
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ICC Indictments

Indictments by the International Criminal Court

Since its founding in 2003, the International Criminal Court has issued 26 indictments. Not saying the charges aren’t warranted, but there seems to be a geographic pattern here. See also.

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