NY Times: Nelson Mandela spent 28 years in prison thanks to CIA collaboration with the apartheid government. #OBAMAinSA
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RT @jcutbirth: Times revises Koch obituary to report "hundreds" of New Yorkers sick of dying of AIDS in the 80s. The number is actually closer to 30,000.
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@nytimes, @polan: SoHo is fabulous! But why not “Things I Saw” in #Gaza, Goma, or Far Rockaway?
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@nytimes typesets the Declaration of Independence in Imperial. http://t.co/7i1sOh1c
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@amandacox: data visualization is a great tool for telling stories about scale, context, and patterns. #changebydesign
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NewsJack. NewsJackWhat would you put on the front page of the New York Times? Or Fox News? NewsJack lets you remix and edit web pages to create and share your own parody site in an instant. Read more about it here or download the source code from GitHub.
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Lunch Line Redesign. Lunch Line Redesign“Do you want a salad with that?” A powerful NY Times infographic on how shifting the default parameters of a space can motivate changes in behavior, in this case quietly altering lunch line layout and interaction to nudge kids into making healthier lunch choices. The graphic does a good job of calling out key data, and the data is astonishing, but lacks citation or context so here’s an article and a longer report by the authors which covers the same material in more depth.
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