5 January 2009

10 Design Policy Proposals.

10 Design Policy Proposals

The results of a meeting held in Washington DC on November 30, 2008, this concise policy brief proposes a consolidated design policy that fosters “economic competitiveness & democratic governance.” The proposals are:

  1. Formalize an American Design Council to partner with the U.S. Government.
  2. Set guidelines for legibility, literacy, and accessibility for all government communications.
  3. Target 2030 for carbon neutral buildings.
  4. Create an Assistant Secretary for Design and Innovation position within the Department of Commerce to promote design.
  5. Expand national grants to support interdisciplinary community design assistance programs based on human-centered design principles.
  6. Commission a report to measure and document design’s contribution to the U.S. economy.
  7. Revive the Presidential Design Awards to be held every year and use triple bottom-line criteria (economic, social, and environmental benefit) for evaluation.
  8. Establish national grants for basic design research.
  9. Modify the patent process to reflect the types of intellectual property created by designers.
  10. Encourage direct government investment in design innovation.

The site is currently accepting comments on the proposals.

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